WILD AND PRECIOUS DOODLES by Pip at Bath Artists' Studios

These hand-drawn, personalised 'Memory Pictures' have been inspired by Mary Oliver's poem 'The Summer Day':

Johnny Doe

"Tell me, what is it you plan to do
With your one wild and precious life?"

These lines made me wonder how I could represent a life in pictures? As I've always loved doodling, I thought I'd combine small drawings of each memory with a pattern of doodles to make a very personal 'Memory Picture' that would be easy to commission and a pleasure to draw. The result is a unique and incredibly thoughtful gift, especially for an anniversary, birthday or perhaps retirement celebration.

Each colourful 15cm square Doodle contains a title and ten small, but perfectly-formed illustrations of the special memories you have chosen to include.

Johnny Doe

A Wild and Precious Doodle is so meaningful to receive because it's filled with all the thoughts and memories you have selected so carefully. It's a collaboration between you and artist Pip, who is inspired to make every illustration reflect these personal memories. The results can be humorous, poignant and surprising: the more you look, the more details you see. It's a totally unique gift which will be treasured forever.


There are heart shaped Wedding Doodles or square Memory Pictures. For the 'Memory Pictures' I usually work within one of two templates:



All I need to create your Doodle is an email giving me a list of ten memories, the words for the title and your colour choices. If you can also send me photos of pets or houses, for example, these will enable me make the drawings as personal to you as possible. I'm very happy to give you advice, guidance and suggestions by phone or email, if you'd find that helpful and I'll do my best to ensure each illustration reflects your memories with care and ingenuity, within a beautiful hand-drawn piece of art.

Please give me as much notice as you can! I will do everything I can to accommodate your order but if I'm unable to meet your deadline I will say so at the outset. If you're very short of time, you may like to send a Gift Voucher (details on Prices Page).

I'll ask you for a £50 deposit at the time of your order, with the balance due on receipt of the finished Doodle.